Pfeiffer Family

We were initially very intimidated when we inquired about BPPS for our first child as we were told that this was a “Day School” not a daycare.  However, after touring the facility, and learning more about the curriculum and attention that our son was going to receive, it was imperative that we enrolled him.  Our oldest attended from the age of 2 until he moved on to Kindergarten.  We pulled our second son out of daycare as soon as he turned 18 months and he is still attending BPPS.

We cannot provide enough compliments to Ms. Sage and her wonderful staff for the care, compassion, and education that our children have received.  Ms. Sage cares for each child as if they were her own, and her passion for these kids is shared by every teacher on staff.

My wife and I are grateful to what BPPS has given to our children.  They have laid a strong educational foundation on which their future can stand on.  Thank you so much for all you do.

Hilton Family

As a parent, my goal is to raise a well -rounded, respectful and caring child. The staff at BPPS is hands down the best in Katy. My son has been in the BPBS program since he was 18 months old and I couldn’t imagine entrusting anyone else with his care each day. The staff truly cares about each and every child as if they were their own. He now has a true passion for learning and a wonderful foundation for elementary school and I owe it all to BPPS!

Huff Family

British Private Prep School is so more than just a fantastic preparatory school. Both of my boys have been at British, and my husband and I are so grateful for the school and the phenomenal staff. My boys are both sweet, fun, bright children and I truly think that is in large part due to the partnership we have experienced with the teachers who have worked with them during their years at the school. I cannot say enough good things about the emphasis they put on each child’s growth, both academically and personally. My kids have been loved and valued by the staff and challenged and inspired by the academic programs. As a teacher in Katy ISD, I know they are beyond prepared for the curriculum they will see in elementary. Then there are the little things that BPPS emphasizes that I can never pay them back for. They focus on manners and kindness and respect. I believe that British is far and away the best in Katy because of the efforts of the staff and directors, and we would not choose to be anywhere else!

Ganta / Kabadi Family

I just wanted to say thank you to BPPS and Mrs. Sage for all the teaching and development you have given to my daughter who will be heading to Bonnie Holland Elementary starting next week. She has been at BPPS Cinco East since the center was opened on Mason Rd. We have loved to see her grow more knowledgeable, independent, and smart during these couple of years. Thanks to all the teachers – particularly Ms. Schneider, Ms. Baptiste, and Ms. Eguia for taking great care of my child for two years. She is going to miss BPPS and the entire staff and those great friends she has made. Thank you.

Elizabeth Dentler

As a former employee of the British Private Prep School, I can tell you there is no better place in Katy to educate your children. Having worked there for seven years I have seen many, many children head off to Kindergarten ready to excel because of the nurturing and educationally challenging environment created at BPPS. The teachers and staff members are warm and friendly and work hard to foster not only every child’s educational growth, but their social and emotional growth as well.

Elizabeth Balsley

I was very blessed to have been a teacher at British Private Prep School for several years. I learned so many valuable skills that I still practice in my classroom to this day. BPPS encompasses children with the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful at school and in their lives. Owner Cheryl Sage brings out the best in her staff and students, and loves them like family. The environment at BPPS is loving, kind and fun with plenty of excitement for learning. British Private Prep School has it all- a wonderful, respectful and caring staff and an amazing curriculum, perfect for challenging and encouraging students to become successful future leaders!