Supporting our Community

BPPS welcomes donations for this cause in December.

How Toys for Tots Works

The U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is directed by the Commander, Marine Forces Reserve, with the assistance of his staff, from the Marine Forces Reserve Headquarters in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity, is the authorized fundraising and support organization for the Toys for Tots Program.  The Foundation provides the funding and support needed for successful annual toy collection and distribution campaigns.

Local campaigns are conducted annually in over 700 communities covering all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.  One individual, either a Marine, member of a Marine Corps League Detachment, or member of a local community organization, is designated the Toys for Tots Coordinator for that community.  The Coordinator is responsible for planning, organizing and conducting the campaign in his/her community.

Local toy collection campaigns begin in October and last until mid to late December.  Toy distribution also takes place mid to late December.  Members of the community drop new, unwrapped toys in collection boxes positioned in local businesses.  Coordinators pick up these toys and store them in central warehouses where the toys are sorted by age and gender.  At Christmas, Coordinators, with the assistance of local social welfare agencies, church groups, and other local community agencies, distribute the toys to the less fortunate children of the community.  Over the years, Marines have established close working relationships with social welfare agencies, churches and other local community agencies which are well qualified to identify the needy children in the community and play important roles in the distribution of the toys.

While Toys for Tots Coordinators organize, coordinate and manage the campaign, the ultimate success depends on the support of the local community and the generosity of the people who donate toys.

Local business leaders play key roles.  They allow Coordinators to locate drop-off/collection boxes in their stores; provide free warehouse space for storing and sorting toys during October, November and December; provide vehicles to collect toys from drop-off sites; sponsor toy raising events; and help Coordinators arrange media exposure for Toys for Tots in the local community.

BPPS accepts donations for this charity in November.

Helping meet the nutritional, emotional, and spiritual needs by assisting families through supplemental food and personal care items.

Food Pantry Wish List

URGENT NEEDS: All Personal Care items, Canned Fruit, Cooking oil (small or medium sizes), Diapers (size 5-6), Ziplock bags (quart size) and Gift Cards.

Personal Care items

  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Bleach
  • Toothpaste/Toothbrush
  • Body Wash
  • Deodorant
  • Razors/Shaving Cream
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Diapers (Size 5 & 6)
  • Additional Items: Cleaning Supplies
  • Lysol Wipes /Paper Towels

Food Items:

  • Cooking oil (small or medium sized)
  • Condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayo, salad dressing, etc.)
  • Sugar
  • Canned fruit – urgent need
  • Crackers
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Pudding/Jello
  • Oatmeal, Pop Tarts
  • Canned Meat (SPAM, Vienna, etc.)

Katy Christian Ministries Food Pantry provides:

  • Three day nutritionally balanced supplement of non-perishable food up to twice monthly
  • Baby food, formula, diapers
  • Personal care items provided every other month
  • Emergency Bags: for travelers, homeless, other
  • Birthday bags to our client’s children for their special day
  • Fresh produce from yard gardeners, local farmers & the KCM Community Garden
  • Milk through the Milk-4-Many Program
  • Turkeys and/or Ham & additional food items for a warm Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner

BPPS accepts donations for this cause in January - Loose Change Drive

Our History

What began as one family’s misfortune became good fortune for millions of families worldwide. In 1974, Kim Hill, the 3-year old daughter of Philadelphia Eagles tight end Fred Hill, was diagnosed with leukemia. During Kim’s three years of treatment, Fred and his wife Fran often camped out on hospital chairs and benches and ate makeshift meals out of vending machines. The Hills watched other parents around them doing the same thing. They learned that many of the families traveled great distances to bring their children to the hospital, but couldn’t afford hotel rooms.

A Better Way

The Hills began to think that there had to be a solution. Fred rallied the support of his Eagles teammates to raise funds and help other families experiencing the same emotional and financial traumas as his own. Through Jim Murray, the Eagles’ general manager, the team offered its support to Dr. Audrey Evans, head of the pediatric oncology unit at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Dr. Evans dreamed of a home-like temporary residence for families of children being treated at her hospital.

Together, they created the first Ronald McDonald House.

That first Ronald McDonald House opened in Philadelphia in 1974. By 1979, ten more Houses had opened. By 1984, McDonald’s restaurants and local communities founded 60 more Houses; then 53 more opened by 1989. Today, there are more than 300 Ronald McDonald Houses around the world.

Local RMH Houston History

In 1978 Dr. Donald Fernbach, head of the Hematology and Oncology Service of Texas Children’s Hospital at that time, began the initiative to build a Ronald McDonald House in Houston. Assembling concerned parents of pediatric patients, McDonald’s franchisees and supporting members of Houston’s medical community, Dr. Fernbach started the ball rolling. All of them shared a desire to build a safe haven within the Texas Medical Center for families of young, gravely ill children. After a visit to see the Chicago Ronald McDonald House, everyone understood what kind of facility and services families of young patients needed most and how much help they’d need to make Ronald McDonald House Houston a reality.


Coming soon

Caring Cradles Baby Shower

Join ABC-13 and the March of Dimes for our live Caring Cradles Community Baby Shower. Your donations will be used to encourage women to attend prenatal care and education programs.

BPPS will accept any of the following items in May; we will deliver to Channel 13.


  • Cereal (box)
  • Food (jar)
  • Formula
  • Juice (jar)
  • Pedialyte

Feeding supplies

  • Bottle/brush
  • Bottle liner (pkg)
  • Bottle warmer
  • Breast pump
  • Cup/Bowl
  • Dish set
  • Fork/Spoon
  • Nipples (pkg)
  • Nipple basket
  • Nursing pads (pkg)
  • Pacifier/clip
  • Sippy cup
  • Teether


  • Blanket/ Comforter
  • Bumper pad
  • Pillow/cases
  • Play pad
  • Sheet
  • Mattress pad (waterproof)

Diapering products

  • Changing pad
  • Cloth diapers/Pins
  • Diapers
  • Diaper bag
  • Diaper genie
  • Diaper pail
  • Diaper ointment
  • Diaper pants
  • Diaper stacker
  • Wipes

Bathing products

  • Bathtub
  • Bathtub chair
  • Comb/Brush set
  • Cotton balls
  • Lotion
  • Nail clipper
  • Potty chair
  • Powder
  • Q-Tips
  • Shampoo
  • Soap/Baby wash
  • Toothbrush
  • Towel
  • Tub mat
  • Vaseline


  • Bonnet
  • Hangers
  • Hat/Cap
  • Mittens
  • Shoes
  • Sleeper
  • Socks/Booties
  • Newborn clothes
  • Toddler clothes/underwear
  • Training pants
  • Maternity clothes


  • Baby carrier
  • Baby jumper
  • Seat/bouncer
  • Changing table
  • Cradle
  • Crib
  • High chair
  • Mattress/Pad
  • Play pen
  • Security gate
  • Walker
  • Stroller


  • Books
  • CD baby music
  • Mobile
  • Rattle
  • Stuffed animal
  • Puzzle
  • Infant swing
  • Tricycle
  • Wagon
  • Toddler swing

BPPS accepts donations for this organization in March. BPPS children will spend the month of March decorating lunch bags.

Lunches of Love, is a non-profit organization, is committed to helping end childhood hunger in Rosenberg-Richmond by providing a free nutritious sack lunch during extended school holidays and weekends.


  • Granola bars
  • Peanut butter or cheese filled crackers
  • Goldfish (individual or bulk)
  • Individual fruit cups and applesauce
  • Fruit juice boxes
  • Jif peanut butter (to-go sizes)

Children who rely on free or reduced lunch during the school year go home to little or no meals on weekends.  With your help, Lunches of Love is working hard to end the very real problem of childhood hunger in our community.

Many children living in families facing food insecurity rely on school lunch as their only meal of the day.  Lunches of Love is here to help fill the gap during extended school holidays (spring break, summer vacation, Thanksgiving and Christmas break) and weekends. We offer children in need a nutritious sack lunch and a snack.


On Fridays, approximately 1,200 children will take home healthy nonperishable care packages. The counselor or school appointed coordinator ensures that the proper children receive these take-home meals.  The food is given to the children in a very discreet manner.