Daily Programs

The British Private Prep School is primarily a preschool for children ages 18 months to 5 years old.

There are two programs available:

  1. A child participating in the full day program can attend any time between the times of 6:30 a.m. and 6:30p.m. and choose anywhere between 2-5 days per week as long as the days chosen are the same days of each week.
  2. A child participating in the part day program can attend any time between 8:30a.m. and 2:30p.m. Parents may enroll children from anywhere between 2-5 days per week as long as the days chosen are the same days each week.

The British Private Prep School is most well-known for our academic program which prepares children for kindergarten. We also have a strong emphasis on manners and structure while creating a warm learning environment where children can learn to love learning.

One of the unique things about our school is that students don’t remain in one classroom all day.  The students are scheduled to rotate to different rooms set up for different subjects.

The Toddler wing of the school rotates between 4 classrooms and the playground.  The toddler (18 month-2 years old) classrooms have been designed specifically for their needs and educational purposes. The children also work on life skills such as potty training and cleaning up after themselves. The class specific rooms are as follows:

  1. The “Academic Room” is where lesson plans for early reading readiness skills, math skills, fine motor, and theme related activities are delivered.
  2. The “Centers Room” invites children to work on social and problem solving skills through play. We often say that the centers room is “where children go to make friends.”
  3. The “Music/Circle Time Room” is where children learn how to read a calendar, talk about the weather, read stories, participate in music and movement, and play academic games.
  4. The “Art/Cafe Room” is where children get to express themselves artistically through a variety of media as well as get to work on their manners and eat nutritious lunches and snacks.
  5. The Playground is where children have the opportunity to have fun and play with friends while getting some much needed exercise.

The Preschool, PreK, and Bridge wing of the school rotates between 6 subject specific classrooms and the playground. Each child has a homeroom in which they all do our Calendar/Circle time at 8:30a.m. The lead teachers in this section of the building specialize in certain subjects and teach that subject to all 6 classes.  The assistant teachers rotate with the children throughout their scheduled activities. The class specific rooms are as follows:

  1. The “Language Room” is where children begin to work on early reading readiness. Most children exiting our program are able to read early reading books before entering kindergarten.
  2. The “Art Room” is where children have the opportunity to express themselves artistically using a variety of media.
  3. The “Math Room” introduces children to early math and problem solving skills such as simple addition, telling time, arranging items in graduated order.
  4. The “Music and Movement Room” is where children sing songs, play instruments, twirl ribbons to music, and many other fun activities.
  5. The “Science Room” is where children have the opportunity to participate in many science projects as well as learn about subjects such as the life cycle of a butterfly.
  6. The “Centers Room” is where we say “children go to make friends.” They get to work collaboratively building with blocks, putting puzzles together, and playing in our dramatic play areas.

Before and After Grade School Program

  1. The Before school program is available from 6:30 a.m. until we shuttle the children to school in our minibuses. At this time children may bring their breakfasts with them to eat with their friends and enjoy playing games.
  1. The After school program is available to children in grade school when Katy ISD dismisses for the day until 6:30 p.m. Our buses pick the children up from school and bring them to BPPS. When the children arrive they eat a snack, work on their homework, play on the playground, play games, and participate in arts and crafts.

Gradeschool Summer Camp

Summer is here and we at British Private Prep School have fun and exciting activities planned just for your child! Our summer camp is open to any child that has completed kindergarten through the age of 12.

We have field trips that enrich your child’s mind while also allowing them to have a fun and memorable summer. Every child receives their very own British Private Prep School t-shirt to wear on our field trips.  Our student to teacher ratio is low which provides maximum attention to each student.

Each week has a theme and a schedule of activities:

  • Learning to extract DNA from a strawberry
  • Playing BINGO with senior citizens
  • Training to be a ninja warrior in an indoor obstacle course
  • Playing on our on-site Splash Pad

We strive to make sure that your children will have the best summer ever!

Contact your location to sign-up!

Special Events

No Special Events scheduled at this time.

Preschool Field Trips

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